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My journey

Through a continuous questioning of human reality, I found in training as a naturopath, a holistic vision that explores the multiple links between physical and emotional health, the relationship with others and the encounter with one's environment. I graduated in naturopathy in 2016 from Cerfpa, first school to be recognized by the European Federation of Schools (FEDE), and in functional health and micro nutrition from DFM Formations, Cursus DuoPratik (2023). I followed closely Doctor Wetchoko formation on histamine and other intolerances, being presently in her team for nutrition accompaniment. After a first prize at the Conservatory of Drama in Belgium in 2001, I became an actress, singer and a pedagog in an international theatre company in Tuscany, called The Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowksi and Thomas Richards.

Coming from a large family and being myself a mother, the curiosity to learn cultivates my astonishment daily. In my theatrical practice, I discover a meaning that nourishes this simple fundamental question of who we are, through the elements of acting, singing, movement,  dramaturgical reflections both in stories and in writing.

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