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étagère à livres
My journey



Graduated at the Liège Conservatory for Dramatic Arts (2001), in Naturopathy (2016), in Functional health and Micronutrition (2023), I worked for 20 years as an actress, singer, teacher and assistant director, in the International Theatre Company The Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards, a research known as "Art as a vehicle". 

It is a long-term research that explores the way in which the intention for art goes together with the approach of the interiority of the human being. Performing arts can be a tool for the transformation of the artist's perception and presence, a way to connect with deeper sources and with the others, in order to awaken subtle aspects of experience through work on structured streams of actions.

Present and past projects, among others: Tracing Roads Across of the "Culture 2000" Program, including 12 European countries (2003 - 2006); Horizons Project, Wrocław (2009); Teatro della Tosse, Genoa (2008); Belgium (2010); VIE Scena Contemporanea Festival, Modena (2010); Teatr Łaźnia Nowa, Krakow (2010); Krušče Creative center, Slovenia (2010); Peruse (2010); Lisbon (2010); Florida State University, Trinity University of Texas, Yale University and New York University (2011); Teatro Akropolis, Genoa (2011); "Life is Beautiful" Festival, Bucharest (2011); La Fonderie, France (2011 - 2012); Diafora, Albino and Bergamo (2012 and 2014); Shanghai Theater Academy (2012); FIT Festival and Sesc, Brazil (2012 - 2013); Teatr Wierszalin, Poland (2013); TNB, Rennes (2013, 2014, 2017); UneArte, Caracas (2013); Performing Arts Festival, Seoul (2015); U-Theater, Taiwan (2015); Fabbrica Europa, Florence (2015); Carolyn Carlson, Paris (2015); The Soffita, Bologna (2016); Okno Theater Kana, Poland (2016); Fringe Edinburgh Festival (2016); NUS Yale University, Singapore (2017); Monofest, Medrese, and Moda Sahnesi, Istanbul (2017); Teatro della Pergola, Florence (2017); Space Montevideo, Marseilles (2017); Teatro Akademia, Barcelona (2010, 2017); Mechrí, Milan (2017); Scuola Cassiopea, Rome (2018); New Vision Arts Festival, Hong Kong (2018); Festival di Zacatecas, Mexico City (2018); Teatro Era, Pontedera (2019); City Theater, Paris (2019); Online Festival CICLO - Giro Tradição, Brazil (2021); Art-T, Brussels (2012-2023); ComTeatro, Milan (2022/23) ; Il Lavoratorio (2023/24), Florence, Collectief Theater Hart, Antwerp (2024).  

Trailer Videos Archives 

L'heure fugitive (2015, Carolyn Carlson, Cartoucherie, Paris)

The Living Room (2014, Macau - Nuovo Centro per le Arti, la Cultura e la Ricerca in Milan)

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