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© photo by Daniela Parisi

Performative Arts

We all have an organic need for contact.  In our human relationships, in relation with an object of study or with the environment. An encounter is to create a contact and cultivate its emerging qualities. The known meets the unknown to renew the moments of life. The process of this renewal is like a poetic mystery intimately linked to a vital necessity, to feel that life is worth living and to stay astonished through a continual learning process.


Existence is a fact that lives in the paradox between having to be always with oneself and having to be always in the world. In this space between oneself and the world, there is a kind of playground. A creative potential at the origin of expression. The expression is articulated by the illusion of plays, shapes and stories that bring us closer to reality because it sends us back to our existence and open our perceptions to the diversity of possibilities. 


This creative space is neither in the world and out of oneself, nor in oneself and out of the world. 

It is rather that the substances of memory come into contact with the substances of the environment and vice versa. In the creative act, we are faced with the construction of a score of actions and the development of its details.

An action happens in this terrain between opposites

Choice made among infinite possibilities.

Who disappears, the action is done, and leaves a trace, to remember. 

Experience of the present supported by memory.

A personal act serving the impersonal world. 

Fully made by and passing through oneself without being only of oneself.

Repeated and always done only once.

Articulated in its form and improvised in its doing of the moment.

Which allows us to discover and to be discovered.

Actif in the action and passif in the reaction

Being and doing are simultaneous. When I act, I define myself in a doing, therefore I am the action. By being in action, I live it, therefore I receive it. We move from defined identity to letting go - which is not to surrender - and one is fully what is, in a direct perception of experience.

The action dances on the thread between the known (of the personal and the world) and the unknown (of the personal and the world). This dance appears in its quality of lightness and gravity, transparency and effort, it touches the authentic then disappears. The being, made of memory and aspiration, deepens through experience, a relationship with the world.

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