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Les lumières de Noël sur les arbres
A Creative Space

A space dedicated to one's creativity and poetic part is vital.

Our body has a complex biochemistry connected to its biology and environment. When a health issue arises, we often need to change certain habits, which can be very destabilizing and demotivating.


Creative desires accompany and support those changes. They engage the whole person and renew their perceptions. It's about becoming curious again. Having an inner space to cultivate one's relationship with the world through the interaction of memory and direct experience.

The practice is dedicated to the exploration of body - voice - imagination.

Feuilles ombre
For Who

For everyone. There are no special skills or talents required. 

Everyone creates in contact through stories, reflections and expression of forms. The flow of life that arises from it gives meaning and makes it unique.

It happens that you don't feel creative when there are

Health problems,

Overwhelming obligations, 

A monotony and/or a lack of strength,

Psychophysical difficulties,

A lack of contact.


We will see how to be open to spaces that inspire creativity.

It's a personal quest expressed to connect with the world. It brings us back to the meaning of existence because it reminds us of it. Through expressing it, it is being received by the outside, and a connection emerges. A dialogue is cultivated between oneself and the world.

In Pratice

Exploration of vocal resonances and voice vibration.

Voice in sound; voice in song.

Voice as an extension of body and mind.

Voice as a link to communicate.


Exploration of the body that sustains, immobile and mobile.

The body that allows playing and acting, the body that acts.

Exploration of the imagination through

Voice and body.

Stories, writing and dramaturgy. 

Reflections, questions, perceptions.


The practice is individualized according to your own rhythm and motivations.

Private Session

45 mins: 45 euros

1h20: 70 euros

The sessions are done remotely and in person in Florence (Italy), periodically in Belgium and Paris.

Group Session

On demand

Price according to the workshops.

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