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In Practice

An in-depth practice on the voice, and a creative research of acting. 

The voice

The voice is in contact with the body, the personal history, the imagination and the external situation. We explore how those elements interact, investigating what life reveals to us in action. Through the vibratory qualities of the voice, the rhythms and melodies of songs, the vocal resonances invite an organic flow specific to each one.


The body
Body training in a co-emerging fluidity between memory, imagination and the experience itself.

Availability of the body to deepen the details in acting.

Connect the body with the voice and discover the impulses that give birth to actions.

Acting and interpretation

In acting, content and form meet, both helping each other. The content is nourished by our history, our aspirations, our reflections and perceptions of the world. The form allows us to play with composition, tempo-rhythm and imagination, to transmit the sense. A dialogue is created between structure and spontaneity, articulation of forms and creative singularity. 

The work includes

  • Research of material through writing, texts, songs, mouvement, manipulation of objects.

  • Travel in the imagination and the sensitive memory of the body and voice.

  • Links between oneself and the role 

  • Dynamic and organic link between intention/impulse/action/reaction

  • Dramaturgical analysis and narrative structure 

  • Stage interpretation and communication with the public

  • Cultivating the life of a repeated performative structure  

Work sessions

Work is not approached through an accumulation of skills, nor through zones of comfort or well-being. The creative process holds in itself a need for a in-depth study through research, discernment, perseverance. A relationship is created between spontaneity and investigation which nourishes the sense. The work comes into contact with oneself and with the other - person and environment. "Going toward knowing you, I go toward knowing myself".

The practice awakens the impulses - memory that underly the actions - and the detailed articulation of forms, connecting depth and nuances.

It is a creative singularity where the inner blossoming ventures towards the world and allows itself to be seen, without slipping away, in a continuous inquiry as a response to life.

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