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Cecile Berthe


Support one's health


Naturopathy is an unconventional natural medicine.  

It takes into consideration the person on the different physical and emotional levels, in order to maintaining or restoring their health.  

The first session is an overall assessment to set up a personalized program which will gradually evolve, combining understanding and practice.











What are the links between my diet, my thoughts, my physical activity and chronic problems?  


Do I have to follow a specific diet?

I make efforts to lose weight but it does not work, why?

I hear that I need to eat more fruits and vegetables, but what diet will suit me and how can I live without feeling frustrated or socially isolated?

How do I boost my immunity or just stay healthy?

I have a very busy lifestyle, obligations that exhaust me, relational conflicts that stagnate, can all of this influence my sleep, mood, digestion, food choices, my relationship with others and the environment?


I am emotionally attached to my habits. Sometimes I try to change but my good resolutions fade quickly. How to understand this mechanism of defeat? 


Detox cures with plants and others. I'm lost in the overload of information, is it useful? After all, I'm more or less well. How to find your way around, not wasting your money?


The air is polluted, pesticides are everywhere, synthetic hormones and antibiotics are injected into animals raised in terrifying conditions, how do you choose healthy food?


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